The legends of Shree Ganesh at Ganpatipule

Bhasmasur the son of Ausr Shakuni, was the worshipper of Shree Shiva. Shukracharya the Guru (Preceptor) of Asurs ordered, Bhasmasur perform austerity to Shree Shiva and get his blessings. Bhasmasur used to bring the funeral ashes (Chita Bhasma) for Shree Shiva. Shiva got pleased and asked him what boon he desired. Bhasmasur, there upon said that he should get the privilege of worshipping him forever, and that, if he puts his hand on the head of anyone, that being should get reduced to ashes (Bhasma) Moreover, birds, animals, human, beings, demons, ghosts etc should be completely subject to his authority, Shiva there upon said 'so be it' (amen) and his aspirations would be fulfilled and he will be invincible and mighty. The boon given by Shiva made Bhasmasur, arrogant and uncontrollable, and attempted to keep hands on the heads of others. Gods demons, human beings got frightened due to his dreadful acts and prayed for his end.

His arrogance and desire to conquer the three worlds took him to kailas (abode of Shiva), where he saw Shiva and Parvati playing a game, a thought occurred in his mind that Shiva a fakir (free from worldly encumbrances and cares) is not suitable match for a beautiful and elegant Parvati; on one hand a beautiful damsel and on the other a person rubbing funeral ashes on one's body and half naked. The perfect match for the soft and delicate skinned and beautiful damsel would be a person mighty and powerful like him. He got excited by lust and became amorous to possess her. The thought made him fallen and said to Shiva that Parvati does not suit him and that he should hand over her to him, so that he (Bhasmasur) can take her to his home. Do not hesitate, hand over Parvati, otherwise he would put his hands on his head (Shiva) and reduce him to ashes. Bhasmasur stepped forward towards Parvati. Sensing lust in his eyes, Jagnmata Parvati immediately went into hiding (invisible). When Parvati was not visible the arrogant Bhasmasur tried to catch hold of Shiva. To evade the persuit of Bhasmasur Shiva went to Vaikuntpuri the abode of Shree Vishnu, for an asylum. Shiva conveyed him all the happenings and requested him to liberate him from the calamity. Bhagwan Vishnu told him that he cannot fight with him due to the boon bestowed on him.

The situation made both of them restless and started thinking the way out, for this both of them offered prayer to Shree Ganesh and thought there is no way out without the blessings of Shree Ganesh, and that he should steer them to safety.

On hearing the prayer, Shree Ganesh entered the heart of Shree Vishnu and suggested him that Bhasmasur, is devotedly attached to women, so he can bring an end to his life by a beautiful demeanour. Understanding the indication, Shree Vishnu gave an assurance of security to Shree Shiva and said that he will destroy the fright of Bhasmasur.

With this Shree Vishnu started on his mission. Bhasmasur, day and night, was searching for Shiva. Shree Vishnu took the guise of a lady more beautiful than Parvati and presented himself before him. At this time the licentious Bhasmasur got libid by the beauty of the lady. He approached the lady beautiful and elegantly shaped in appearance and started making advances towards her in courtship, proposing her to marry him. He can make her the empress of all the three worlds. That young elegantly beautiful lady said, even the gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and others like Indra have also proposed her to marry, but she had a condition that one who will perform the dance imitating her dance exactly will be eligible to marry her. All these gods have failed to comply with her condition.

Bhasmasur said with confidence that he would be able to comply the condition. There is nothing impossible for him, rest assured.

On hearing this the Mohinirup Vishnu accepted his proposal and started teaching different foot-work and the movements of the fingers, the lessons of dance.

Bhasmasur got deeply involved, in the process of assimilation got bereft of consciousness while dancing. Vishnu in the guise of beautiful lady took her palms on one's own head, which Mudra Bhasmasur instantly imitated and thus the boon given by Shiv materialized and he was reduced to ashes. The calamity experienced by the world thus ended.

When Shiva came to know that Bhasmasur is no more, he went to Vaikuntpuri to greet Vishnu. Shiva thanked Vishnu praised him for what he has done to liberate him from the menace and the dreadful experience. He said to Vishnu that he is really the guardian of the world, who averted the impediment. Thereupon, Vishnu said the real guardian is lambodar Shri Ganesh, the master of Siddhi Buddhi, Omkar Swaroop, eternal, who select a medium to prevent an impediment. He is devoid of Shape and invisible to anyone, the only thing that comes to the forefront is the medium like him (Vishnu) for the present. He gives inspiration, gets the work accomplished. It will be futile to blow one's own trumpet in the present episode. It is always his mastership. He is a doer and destroyer; he is the guardian of his devotees. He is an eternal truth.

On hearing Vishnu, Shiva said that it is timeless truth. The guise of a beautiful lady, he adopted and brought an end of mighty Bhasmasur is splendour of beauty and anybody can get enchanted. Shiva prayed to show him that beautiful guise and fulfill his desire to see that enchanting Mohinirup.

Kamalpati Vishnu said Shiva that he is void of any passion, an ascetic and it is not proper for him to think of a beautiful damsel. He should renounce the desire and go to his kailas. Then Shiva said to Vishnu, Kamalavara, he cannot resist the desire to see his beautiful guise which made the whole world spellbound, He will remain unsatisfied. So he pray that he may be shown that image, only for once.

Bhagwan Vishnu could not desist Shiva from that desire, so he had to take the guise of beautiful lady. Shiva became so enchanted to see the splendor of the beauty that he became excited and the fire of lust kindled in his heart. Shiva started running after the guise of a beautiful lady. Shree Shiva who had slain Kamdeo and got famous as Kamari got mad. Shree Vishnu anticipated the situation and discarded the guise and went away, became invisible. Shree Shiva was so excited that he got annoyed and in the anger ejected the semen. The semen gave birth to a supreme being, mighty, intelligent with ferocious face black complexion. After the birth, for some time, he was not able to know who his parents were. He did not know his family lineage with this big question he roamed all over the earth. One day he met Asurguru Maharshi Shukracharya, an ascetic, wise and learned hermit, he bowed down to the ground at the feet and narrated his woes.

Maharshi Shukracharya went into trans, came to know the back ground of the child and named him as Krodhasur, as he emanated from the love fever. He took him to his hermitage and performed the thread investiture of Krodhasur and accepted him as his disciple. He imparted him all round fourteen sided knowledge. He excelled in all the sides of knowledge of different types of arms, armaments and charmed weapons (Astra) and made Krodhasur a mighty warrior. Shukracharya bound the nuptial knot of Krodhasur with Preeti, the daughter of Sambrasur. The beautiful Preeti gave birth to two sons, Harsha and Shok. This way Krodhasur got fully satisfied by the happy wedlock. Even then he experienced some dissatisfaction. He desired to become the emperor of three worlds by his might and strength. He went, one day, to his learned guru Shukracharya and conveyed his desire. He requested him to impart knowledge of Mantratantra to accomplish his cherrished desire. Shukracharya advised him to worship Shree Suryanarayan (The Sun) and gave him a course of austerities (Diksha) for worshipping Shree Suryanarayan. Krodhasur bowed his head on the feet of Guru Shukracharya, put on the clothes of an hermit and went to the forest. Krodhasur devoted innumerable years reciting Soursukta continuously, standing erect on one leg, taking the bath of Sunrays.

Suryanarayan got pleased by his staunch austerity and deter mined devotedness, presented himself before him and asked him to express his desired boon. Krodhasur, lying flat on the ground in reverence bowed his head at his feet, He said to Suryanarayan that he knows his desire, He is the soul of this world, so what shall he say to him oh ! god of the gods, he desires that he shall rule as master of the Universe. His death should not be at the hands of deity of the origin, the present and the destruction, in addition give him the strength for conquering the three worlds. He should be the mighty, powerful and healthy. Whatever he desires should be fulfilled by his grace and blessings. If he is so pleased by his austerity then bestow on him, the boon as he desired. Suryadeo disappeared by saying 'so be it' (amen).

Krodhasur returned, satisfied with the boon, to Shukracharya and narrated the entire episode and also to his relatives. He expressed his desire to establish an imperial dominion for Asur dynasty. Guru Shukracharya gave his consent to his proposal.

Krodhasur, after obtaining blessings from Shukracharya erected a beautiful and magnificent town by using marble stone and named it 'Avesh'. The inhabitants of this magnificent town were demons and Asurs. Guru Shukracharya proclaimed Krodhasur as sovereign emperor of Asur dominion and performed rites and rituals for regal installation. The five mighty and strong asurs, Bali, Kumbha, Rahu, Ravan and Malyawan were appointed as ministers.

After the regal installation as sovereign emperor of town Avesh, Krodhasur thought that it is futile to be the emperor of a small town, what prowess is there. It is of no purpose the might and strength acquired by him after such a staunch austerity. What is the use of having mighty and strong ministers who possess valour. If he can use the might and valour of these ministers he could become a lord paramount of all the three worlds and he can establish his superiority. The Asur dynasty is now living in a down trodden condition. The gods are getting respect and they are revered, while, the Asurs are looked down as insignificant, hence victory should be established over the gods so as to establish their superiority.

The thought was placed before the ministers, who gave consent. Krodhasur, started recruiting personnel for building army. Arms and weapons were being manufactured in the factories. On all the eight directions mighty and strong Asurs were appointed as chief In short space of time the entire world became the battle ground. The peace and tranquility of the world was disturbed by the soldiers, religions affected, sober and gentle people were punished, women were raped, temples were demolished. God, religion, ethics, yadnya yag, worship were discarded by the Asurs. On this earth there is only one god and he is Asurraj Krodhasur. All the people should worship him as god. Erect his statues at various places was the strict order. Statues were installed at central places, temples were built. The endless terror harassed the world.

There was no king on this earth who could resist Krodhasur. Those who surrendered were looted and reduced to pauper. People became helpless and they had no alterative but to worship Krodhasur, to save their lives. Those who were indulging in sensual enjoyment started praising him. Saints and good virtuous persons became void of any support and shelter-less and had to migrate to the forest. The deities and gods could not get the food offered in fire as Krodhasur did not allow yadnya yag. Dominion of Asur ruled the earth unabated.

After establishing, unrestricted regime, Krodhasur turned his attention to the regions under the earth (Patal Lok). The region under the control and reign of Shesh Vasuki. The rulers of Naglok were mighty warriors, learned and intelligent, but they were helpless against Krodhasur, ultimately they had to surrender and as a ransom had to pay a large amount of wealth and got themselves rid of him. They accepted the serfdom of Krodhasur.

After conquering the Patal lok, Krodhasur, returned to his kingdom. He celebrated the victory and distributed ornaments jewellery to his soldiers, commanders, ministers in order to appreciate their valour. He then called for Guru Shukracharya and bowed to his feet in reverence and narrated the entire episode and requested him to bestow on him blessing and expressed his desire to conquer heaven (swarglok) with his backing. Krodhasur said to him that he possesses, the mantra restoring the dead to life, the great elixir. (Sanjeevani Vidya) with the power of elixir he can conquer the heaven (swarglok) with his backing and blessings.

Shukracharya said that he is always his well-wisher and supporter. Moreover, he has become mighty due to the boon bestowed on him by Suryadeo, without hesitation lead the attack on heaven. He will emerge victorious over gods. His blessings are always with him.

Thus, after obtaining blessings from his Gurudeo, he launched an attack on the heaven. He asked Indra, if you want your life saved then vacate the heaven and hand it over to him, otherwise prepare for battle. At last, battle took place. The army of Krodhasur started destroying the towns, gardens in the heaven. All the holy things were parched. Women kidnapped, the modesty of Apsaras were forcibly molested and raped. There was no one mighty, to face the attack. Ultimately Indra had to take up the arms to repel terror and attack. Indra said to Krodhasur that he is trying to decamp with the wealth of the heaven by forcibly entering his do minion. Indra warned him that his refractoriness will not be tolerated. One who has looted the wealth of others has never been happy. It is better that he goes back. Krodhasur said it was he, who has a right to rule over the kingdom of heaven, hence Indra should vacate it and save his life otherwise, get killed at his hands. He then gave a blow of his Gada on Indra, who evaded the blow and threw his Vajra at Krodhasur. Krodhasur held it and destroyed it. Krodhasur then gave a blow on the forehead of the elephant Airawat on whom Indra was riding. Airawat fell flat on the ground along with Indra. Indra, ultimately, had to run away from the battle field.

Krodhasur, after conquering heaven, turned his attention, to Vaikunthpuri and then to Kailas. Both Vishnu and Mahadeo Shankar ran away, so Krodhasur appointed administrator for both Vaikunthpuri and Kailaspuri, and proclaimed himself as emperor of heaven (swarg).

One day Ravan said to Krodhasur who was seating on the throne of swarg, that they have defeated all gods, but they have not touched Suryadeo and how he has allowed Suryadeo to be the ruler of Suryamandal, he failed to understand this. Krodhasur said Suryadeo is his god whom he worships, the wealth and the strength acquired by him is because of his blessings so they should not displease him and be ungrateful.

Ravana said to Krodhasur that though Suryadeo is his benefactor he is on the side of gods, so he cannot be trusted. Gods will take his support and will try to get back their past grandeur. Hence they should not take a chance. If he (krodhasur) orders, they will go to him and get the desire accomplished.

Krodhasur replied that he is not Bhasmasur who had struck his benefactor. They should take note of this and their suggestion is half truth.

In the interest of Asurs, they should adopt crooked strategy to get their objective achieved. They should reprimand him to leave the side of gods and come to the side of Asurs', so that he (suryadeo) will continue to rule Suryalok unabated and Asurs will give protection.

Ravana went to Suryadeo and communicated the message - Suryadeo with determination refused to accept the proposal and said he would not leave the side of Deogan. It was because of him that they are suffering the hardships as he gave a boon to Krodhasur, which resulted in Brahmins, Rishigan to desert the heaven. How can he leave them and said Asurs are his one's own. Such a thing would never happen. The throne of solar kingdom does not carry any importance for him. He would handover his solar kingdom to him (krodhasur). Inform Krodhasur that he has acquired the power over the three worlds by arrogance and injustice, the ordained of the universe will definitely provide justice, with this Suryadeo left the solar kingdom and Ravana returned to Amaravati with the message.

In this way Krodhasur enjoyed the authority over the three worlds without any opposition. There was no one to challenge him. He helped himself, display, all the three vices, Madya, Mans and Madirakshi. He turned himself naughty and irascible ruler for his unchaste and voluptuary pleasure and started imposing the burden of taxation. His officers and bureaucracy became immensely corrupted. He roamed all over places without any fear as if he was a master of the universe. He considered himself to be Parmeshwar and behaved uncontrolled and thought that Brahma, Vishnu. Mahesh, Indra went into hiding in the forest out of fright. He erected his temples and ordered the people to give him food offered during yadnya-yag, those who did not were given death sentence. Beauty was a curse for women. Only wealthy people were given justice ordinary people found it impossible to live a normal life.

Everybody offered prayer to the gods and requested to liberate them from terror and sufferings. Oh ! god kindly listen to their loud crying. Gods, like people were also seized with anxiety. They were all anxious to see the end of Krodhasur. Brahma Vishnu Mahesh were living in the state of subjection with low heads. They were not able to find the way out. One day Mahrshi Vashistha presented himself before them. He saw the authors of origin, state and destruction viz. Brahma Vishnu Mahesh helpless and got very much disturbed with sorrow.

Devraj Indra welcomed him and bowed down his head to greet him and narrated their woes. He requested Maharshi to tell them how they could get back their past glory and honour, show the way out. On hearing the say of Indra, Maharshi Vashistha suggested them to worship omkar one who is devoid of shape, one who has no origin or end, one who is not a son of anyone, one who has no ancestor, one who is related to universe, one who is called Lambodar Ganesh. He should worship Omkar one who has one's own form, He will bring an end to all their woes and distressful condition. He is known as Brahmanspati. Innumerable universe originate and get destructed in his large belly. The only way out is to meditate, perform puja of Lambodar Ganesh to remove the distress. With this Maharshi Vashistha returned to his ashram.

Devgan, as per the advice of Maharshi Vashistha, began worshipping Nirgun Nirakar Omkar Ganesh.

After taking bath Devgan and Rishigan, performed Sandhya Vandan and ceremonies to propitiate Ganesh, reciting continuously mantras and praise for a very long time. One day an astonishing event took place that Nirgun, Nirakar Omkar Swaroop Lambodar Ganesh descended in a human form before them. He was holding an axe (Parshu) and a noose (Pasha) in two hands at the back, lotus flower and Modak (Sweetened coconut covered with rice flour) full of divine joy in the front two hands. All the Devgans and Rishigan bowed down their heads at the feet of that Sagun human form Lambodar Ganesh. They chanted praising prayers. Every one's heart was full of emotional utterances and were praising lambodar Ganesh.

Namo Kara the divine substance of the universe supreme god / ocean of sympathy / I bow down Lambodara // Namoji the source of universe / Nirakar Swaroopa / The ocean of happiness // bow down Vinayaka // Namoji Liberator of impediments / one who has given birth to Hari Hara / with four hands with a lotus flower / I bow down to you full of joy // Namo the god of knowledge / Guardian and benevolent of universe / the destroyer of Asurs and remover of obstacles / I bow down the source of happiness // Namo provider of salvation // Master of illusion ocean of virtues / Multi hands warrior / I bow wry-mouthed // Namoji one tooth, with thousand names with no end / thousand feet, having beautiful mistress like lotus flower / I bow down to black yellowish eyes // Namoji elephant swaroopa / Lambodara with ears like elephant // the destroyer of vikat asur elephant headed / I bow down to impediment preventor // Namoji with smoke complexion // Intelligent, with fan like ears // having moon on the forehead, blood coloured / I bow down Vinayaka // Namo Ganpati Gajanan / Provider of asylum to all beings /

Namoji god of perfection/

I bow down to source of self pleasure //

After chanting prayers heartily Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and other gods said save them ! save them ! (Raksh, Raksh), bowed their heads on to the feet of Lambodar Ganesh. Omkar Ganesh got pleased and assured them that they should come out of fright and said he will repeal the woes and restore their honour. He will take upon incarnation to destroy the might and pride of Krodhasur, and restore the religion. No one should idle their time, start working whatever they get in fruition, present it to him. Adversity accompany those who do not work. Perform good deeds, one reaps that one sows, is the rule of destiny. He helps those who renounce arrogance. Bear in mind, the strength acquired due to blessings if used in devout austerity fructifies. It is in their interest to work always, leave idleness. Recruit army and battle with Krodhasur. Just remember him, when they need help from him. He will come instantly for helping them, only by remembrance, with these words Omkar Swaroop Lambodar Ganesh disappeared. All the devgans and rishigans, once again praised highly Shree Ganesh. One day when Krodhasur was deeply engaged in amorous activity, the voice from heaven (Akashwani) said he is a fool, he does not know the magnitude of the universe, as he is calling himself Parmeshwar, and beating the drums of arrogance. He had conquered Harihar, Shesh Vasuki who had held earth on one's head and Indra, Vayu, Surya, but they are not parmeshwar. They are subject to birth, oldage and death. He had not yet met Jaganniyanta Lambodar. He is a wicked person, and the sins he had committed are so much that Lambodar has descended on this earth to destroy him.

Krodhasur, on hearing the voice fainted, but recovered and ascended the throne. He became restless and passed sleepless nights.

Krodhasur, called for his ministers and held Rajsabha and asked them to clarify the inherent sense of the voice from the heaven. He gazed at the sky with anxiety. After some time, he said that to whom he knows, he had defeated them and acquired the fame, but he does not know who this lambodar is and why he wants to fight with him. The voice has made him disturbed and apprehensive.

Bali, Rahu and Ravan, his commanders and ministers said that who ever he is, must be in the form of human being. They will definitely destroy the pride of his might. Do not give any importance to the utterances from heaven. It must be a deceit of Devgan. Let them catch him and sent to jail. His majesty had been bestowed with a boon and might and he is their master. Lambodar would not be able to do any harm to him (Krodhasur). They will fight a decisive battle with the Devgans and liberate all of them from all anxiety.

On this, Krodhasur said let them call for Asur Guru Shukracharya and get his advice and then decide the further action. Shukracharya was called for and he narrated the happenings. Shukracharya told him that he could not hold out against Lambodar. All his valour would be of no use. His belly is the source of origin, state and destruction. He is the master of universe. He speaks without voice, walks without legs, even the leaves of the trees do not move unless he orders. He is the doer, nurturer and remover and the patron of all beings. He controls the universe. He is nirgun and nirakar (devoid shape). It is better that he surrender him (Lambodar). Do not fight with him or he will get destroyed.

But the advice of Shukracharya was not accepted by him. Krodhasur said, when he is protecting them no one can destroy them. He can bring them to life by the chanting of Sanjeevani Mantra. Shukracharya said whatever he is able to do in the circumstances, he will do it. Further, he said now he has to decide whether to fight Lambodar or surrender. Asurs were never in favour of surrender. So they elected for battle.

On the side of Devgans, Lambodar prepared them for the battle and arranged for the strategic deployment of army. He knew that the arrogant Asurs would launch an attack. So he decided to besiege around Krodhasur's Avesh nagari. He appointed commanders to the East Indra and Surya, to the west Chaturanan Brahma, on to the South Sadashiv Shankar and on the north Kamlalapati Vishnu to command various fronts. He assured the commanders that in case of emergency, if his help is required, only remember him and he will instantly present himself. After making this arrangement, Lambodar sent Marut as his envoy to Krodhasur, asking him to surrender. The envoy was to communicate Krodhasur that Devgan have come for equitable battle, observing all the established code of combat. If he surrenders, he will save his life, otherwise his destruction is sure and certain. He has entered forcibly others house, hence he is a thief. He had attacked other nation and had conducted himself inequitably. Hence he should handover the power to the concerned, otherwise his life would come to an end. They consider women as an ornament of the society. But he has raped them. He had spreaded the vice, he had accepted the wealth inequitably. This corruption has to end. Yadnya-yag, worship these eternal values he had discarded, erected statues of sins, as if they are his statues. Saints, Rishimuni, Learned and virtuous people had been tormented, which stands no comparison, elsewhere. Wealth and lustfulness are the slaves of dharma and final eternal happiness (Moksha). But he had given free hand to wealth and lustfulness and ruined the society. Wealth, might and power are to be utilized for the betterment of the society. But he had nurtured and brought their haugtyness. He had felicitated unchaste-ness, keeping aside all the virtues and ethics. He had spreaded sinful activities throughout the world. He should expiate for all the sins and surrender himself or face extinction.

The message made Krodhasur, burn with anger and said they had conquered all the three worlds by their might and valour, how he can say it is by deceit and theft. This is politics it does not have any religion or ethics. He does not know who lambodar is, whose message he is conveying to him. Who is this thief lambodar. He should tell him that he should fight with them and display valour. One who is mighty need not worry about moral ethics as it is his servant. They are the masters of three worlds and they need not be advised on ethics. Go and tell his lambodar to show his might and then say about ethics.

On getting the reply from Krodhasur, Lambodar ordered the army to break open the main gates of Avesh nagari and attack the Asur army. The army shouted the battle cry praising Lambodar and broke open the gates on all the four directions and entered the city. The army dismantled and destroyed the statues of Krodhasur, erected at various places. The prisons were broke opened and the Bhaktgan liberated.

Bali and Ravan came to know the situation, they got annoyed and went to the battlefield, fully armed, Ravan, Bali, Prahast were proficient in the use of arms. The army of devgan could not face the volley of their archery. No one could fight with them and fled away from the battlefield. Pinakpani Shankar fought with Ravan, Sharangdhar Keshav with Bali, Surya with Rahu, Indra with Malyawan and Chandra (moon) with Kumbhkarna. The mighty warriors choose opponents for close fight. Drums beaten, conch were blown, the surroundings were full of battle cries.

Those Asurs lying dead on the battlefield were again brought to life by Sanjeevani Vidya of Shankaracharya. Lambodar, noticed this, threw his noose, on Shankaracharya and captured him. This event affected the moral of Asur army. Devgan launched a massive attack on Asurs and forced them to get back. Shivshankar threw his three pointed spike (Trishul) on to Ravana and made him faint but did not kill him as he was his worshipper. Vishnu injured Bali by the force of his Gada, but did not kill him as he was his devotee. Both of them maintained their reputation as gracious to their devotees and were seen helpless. When Prahasta, Mulyawan, Bali, Rahu, Ravan fell down on the battlefield the army of Asur surrendered to the army of Devgan.

Noticing this ungovernable, unsettled state of the Asur army, Krodhasur, got wild with the anger and came to the battlefield. Devgans were filled with fright as they saw the fury and wrathful face of Krodhasur. His cries made Devgan to shatter their moral. He was shouting loudly that those who wish to die and go to yumlok should come to fight with him. He showered the volley of arrows and killed innumerable soldiers of Devgan. Then he took his war club (gada), laughing loudly, started fighting with Vishnu and cried for Indra to come for a fight. He started destroying with his war club, any one coming before him. Then he called for Lambodar and challenged him for a duel.

Both the sons of Krodhasur, mighty and powerful fought with the army of Devgan and spreaded terror by their valour. The army of Devgan started running away for life. Devgan remembered Lambodar, who presented himself and gave assurance to the army of Devgan.

Both Harsha and Shok, sons of Krodhasur were mighty like their father. They were, while fighting, uncontrollable. Lambodar threw his noose around the neck of Shok and strangled him to death. Then, he turned his attention to Harsh, on him, he threw his battle - axe (Parshu) and beheaded him. When Krodhasur came to know that both his sons are no more, his eyes were full of wrath. He went to Lambodar and said that he is a vile person he had killed both his sons and had assaulted his ego. He will definitely punish him right now. He would split his belly and satiate the death of his sons. He would cut his sifting fanlike ears and perform the funeral ceremony (Shraddh Vidhi). He would not only behead him but cut his body to pieces and kill him. He then put an arrow on the string of his bow and aimed at Lambodar. The arrow let loose from the bow, towards Lambodar. The sky and the earth shaked violently. Lambodar threw his Ankush (Weapon used for controlling an elephant) on the arrow and made it ineffective - Krodhasur lifted his gada, turn around and threw it on to Lambodar who destroyed it by his battle axe. Lambodar said to Krodhasur that he is unnecessarily exerting himself to destroy him. And said further that he is not having any bodily form, he is shapeless hence all his armoury is useless before him. He does not mind praise and reproach, it disappears in his belly. On hearing what Lambodar had said, Krodhasur said that his fathomless and improbable say is for avoiding the fight, but it is not now possible. He is seen in reality and he says he is shapeless, it points out his foolishness.

Lambodar, said the form he sees appears before him is his illusion (false appearance). His image is unusual, no body knows it. The two force on his both sides are causing illusion before his mind. The force known as intelligence makes the mind deceitful in the case of both devgan and human beings. The force called Siddhi infatuate the irascible asurs like him. In reality he is not the protector of Devgans and do not have any enmity for Asurs. Every created thing animate or inanimate dwell in his belly. That is why he is Lambodar. Those who perceive with certainty, know that there is no alternative for him, and derives supreme bliss. Beyond the Siddhi and Buddhi (Two forces) he is devoid of any form or shape. But ignorant gets entangled in the snare of fascination and say he is having bodily form. One who knows his Omkar Swaroop ( ), he gets the utmost satisfaction of the world. He is beyond birth and death. One who knows the snare of charms of Siddhi and Buddhi, is able to manage the worldly affairs emanating from happiness and sorrows. In this way he is eternal, immortal, and imperishable, devoid of any form and without any attributes. He could not be killed by any weapons. Agni cannot burn him, earth cannot swallow him, Vayu cannot touch him. This endless expanse of universe dwells in his belly. So his weapons and charmed weapons (Astra) would have no effect on him. It is in his interest that he give a thought to it. He can make him happy. He better see his deeds but he cannot be related to these deeds. One who bows his head on his feet with a feeling of devotion; he is the provider of happiness to him. He should discard the arrogance that he is supreme, the mightiest and become eligible to get eternal supreme happiness. Oh! the son of Shiv Shankar, surrender him completely to enjoy peace and eternal happiness.

Krodhasur became astonished to hear the say of Lambodar. He kept aside all his armory of weapons and bowed down on to the feet of Lambodar with reverence. He requested Lambodar to show him his divine appearance much difficult to obtain. In order to satisfy his desire Lambodar gave him supernatural power of vision, then he appeared before him extraordinary explicate of the deity in the universe form (Agadh Vishwaroop). That vision changed the entire attitude and conduct of Krodhasur. He folded his palms and said that his appearance in the form of universe has showered on him the nectar of heaven. He is his guardian. He has to see his maintenance and protection. Now he should tell him where he should dwell, bestow on him the boon that he shall always be engaged in meditation at his feet. Lambodar said to him that he dwell at a place where at the commencement of any deeds or actions, he is not worshipped, he should eat whatever food is offered there. He should not dwell at a place where his devotees are worshipping him. He should take all the Asurs to the region below earth (Patal) and be satisfied. Lambodar, bestowed on him final salvation and disappeared.

The place where Lambodar Ganesh disappeared, at that place, supreme, self generated idol of Ganesh (Swayambhoo) emerged. This idol of Ganesh is worshipped daily by devgans and human beings.

The place called Ganpatipule a village by seashore in konkan region has become a place of pilgrimage by the devotees of Lambodar Ganesh.

The holy book Shree Lambodar Mahatmya contains all this description in Marathi and is available from Shri Dilip Kelkar. One who reads this holy, book gets his aspirations fulfilled.

The narration in English is for the benefit of Non-Marathi speaking devotees. The rendered, humbly, does not claim that this is the exact rendering of the holy book in Marathi. The effort has been made to present it at the feet of Supreme Lambodar Ganesh.

Suggestions are solicited to make this rendering much better.

…………Jay Shree Ganesh Namaha………….